Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose!

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dank u wel - Thank You !!!!

So Im well into my off season ‘rest up’ now and with thoughts again turning towards getting back on the bike, I thought it would be a good time to sum up the 2011 season and most importantly thank those that made it possible.

Two wins, two other podiums and twelve top ten placings, in addition to a two day overall classification victory, meant 2011 in Belgium turned out to be another successful season. Of course more wins would always be a bonus, but wins are certainly not easy to come by in Belgium. True to form my attacking nature continued and even though it didnt always lead to victory, I have many many good memories from Belgium 2011.

I also have a lot of people to thank. To my sources of funding - The Dave Rayner Fund, The Grays Public Purposes and Recreational Charity and The Thurrock Sports Council. I believe that racing in Belgium is the best chance for me to get the opportunity to continue progressing in the cycling world and without such support, I would not be able to do it. I am extremely grateful for all your support!

To David Harmon of the Spokesmen Agency who has been my manager this season. Unfortunately other commitments mean that David will no longer be representing riders in 2012, however I am very grateful for the help this year and look forward to staying in contact in the future. This leads me nicely onto Onix Bikes, as it was David that hooked me up with Craig Middleton of Onix Bikes. A big thank you to Craig and the whole Onix Bikes crew for supporting me this year and in the companies maiden year in the peloton. Im sure big things are planned for Onix Bikes in the future! Onto Paligap, and in particular Blair Morgan, who continues to help me with Cycleops Powertap Products, thanks once again for the continued support!

One of the most interesting developments in 2011 has become the impact of Luc Wante on my life in Belgium. Not only has he got me back on my bike (and kept me on my bike) after crashes and injuries, but he has also taken care of coaching me. Im looking forward to what 2012 will bring under Lucs guidance! And to Dr Piet Daneels who has also kept me healthy again in Belgium this year and is always keen to see me progress in the cycling world....much thanks!

Whilst Luc and Piet keep me healthy in Belgium, it is Matt Rabin that does the same when I am back in the UK. Not least so, last winter when I missed most of the winter with an achilles injury. However it was Matt that got me back on the bike then and between Luc, Piet and Matt I truly believe I have the very best keeping me in healthy working order. Now that is peace of mind!

Now this blog could go on and on thanking people, but it could be endless haha So my additional thanks (im sorry if i miss anyone out!) go to Adrian Timmis @Cadence Sport, Wouter Marijsse, everyone at the Hof ter Kammen, Luc and Ronny Assez and everyone involved at the Asfra Racing Team, Simon Jobson, Mal and Brian @Le Beau Velo, Ciclos Uno and importantly all my family and friends that have continued to support me in 2011. Many friends (and fans), new and old in Belgium and the know who you are! And all my family, especially my Mum and Dad and Brother who continue to support my cycling career in more ways than one! Thanks to you all....keeping the faith!