Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose!

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose!

Saturday, March 21, 2015


WIGGINS begins!

So yet again its been a while since the last blog post (December 1st). Writing that the last post I was already in the knowledge of what was going to be happening in 2015. And that is ofcourse WIGGINS!! It was a nice secret to keep until the official announcement was made early in the new year. That official announcement coming on Sky Sports News and as a long time fan of Sir Bradley Wiggins himself, Sky/Sky Sports/Sky Sports News and 'Sport' as a whole, simply the best way for the news to break!

Sir Bradley Wiggins breaking the news on Sky Sports News!

Sky Sports News..simply the best way for the announcement of WIGGINS!

It goes without saying I am extremely happy to be riding for WIGGINS! It's a huge privilege to be working with and learning from Sir Bradley Wiggins himself and all in this exciting new team. A new team with great plans and a team that is uniquely different. No surprise from day 1 it has simply felt right, a great fit and im looking forward to the season ahead. Special mention to Simon Cope too. Having known Simon since coming into the sport, its great finally getting the chance to work with him.

A great way to start the season, training & racing with the Great Britain National Team in Mallorca! 
And ofcourse continuing to put the hours in at the end of the garden!

Those that know me well know its the kind of opportunity I have been working towards for a long time. Through my cycling years and even way before them in my athletics years. A rider with good testing figures such as a VO2max of 83.8ml/kg/min, a rider with wins every season, a rider that has unquestionably rode selflessly for others year by year and at the same time rode aggressively to excite races, I have always been looking for that bigger opportunity. However like every walk of life that dosn't always happen. Having also gained a Sport Science and Management degree from Loughborough University, maybe others would have stopped before now. However knowing myself and the passion and desire I possess and satisfaction gained from the sacrifice the sport requires, I simply couldn't stop. With WIGGINS I feel im getting a great chance, a chance to show and that chance I feel I have earned. A team that is uniquely different and a team of opportunity!

Kicking off the season in Challenge Mallorca!
A privilege to be racing for Great Britain!
And training with the National Team too!

Yes it will be a year of new opportunities and new opportunities have already arisen having spent a two week training camp in Mallorca with the Great Britain National Team, including racing 2 days of the Challenge Mallorca in the colours of Great Britain. It was a great 2 weeks, a great way to kick off the season and quite simply it felt right! We have recently had our first official WIGGINS team get together in Manchester, where riders, management and some sponsors got to come together for the first time. Yet again, it felt right! Ofcourse another thing that has always felt right to me across these years is Belgium and last week I was there training and racing the first pro kermesse of the season, all in preparation for the Tour de Normandie, our first WIGGINS team race which kicks off next week!

Back racing in Belgium!
And back training on the classic Vlaanderen roads!

So now its time for me to pack a bag and hit the road again. I look forward to keeping you up to date throughout the season ahead. Many thanks once again to Sir Bradley Wiggins, Simon Cope, XIX Entertainment and everyone at WIGGINS for making me feel so welcome in this new team. Also to my family and friends for all the positive responses received from y'all!

Until next time!

Stay tuned y'all!

The hard work continues!

The WIGGINS road continues!