Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose!

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coming close to another one!

After the first win in Ghoy I nearly doubled the tally straight away, coming close with a 2nd a week later in Grandglise. It was an ex pro rider by the name of Jurgen Guns that would deny me the win. We was away in the break when Jurgen and another rider attacked away with still around 35km to go. I went across to them and straight away we dropped the other rider so it was just me and Jurgen for remainder of race. He was riding strong so I rode with him. We worked well but on the last lap 3 riders began to get close. He attacked me twice on the final lap but I got back to him. We looked at each other a lot during the final km but with the 3 riders right behind us I ended up leading it out (not wanting to get caught) and so he unfortunately came round me for the win, but took 2nd and a couple of primies to go with. Disappointed not to win as feel I may have still done it in the sprint but Jurgen was strong and used his experience to get me to the front at the right time and took the win.
A few days later I was back into Interclub action in Belsele. Even though a small break went up the road I rode sensibly riding high up in the peloton for most of the race, staying in a good position and out of trouble for later in the race. With high winds and a high speed this was important and I was there waiting for the latter part of the race....this was until i punctured after 113km. With the speed up as the break was being reeled in I had a fairly long chase back through all the cars in the convoy but did make it back to the peloton 15km later. However after getting a final drink and a couple of gels from the car I look up to see the peloton strung out and going away again as the back end of it sat up and let the gap go out. This put me back into chase mode and this is how it stayed until the end of the race. To top things off the break was pulled back so it was all to play for. However these things happen, but I can still take the positives away with me, which was the way I had ridden until the puncture. Something to take to the next races, which includes a pro kermesse, another Interclub and the National Championships......should be an interesting couple of weeks ahead!

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